Our work process

InterSystem offers complete delivery of palletizing and transport systems. All systems are planned, designed and put together by us. You need only one supplier.

InterSystem WorkFlow

Structured and smooth work process for guaranteed results.

1. Consulting

  • Analysis of preconditions with the customer
  • Assessment of solutions and technology
  • Presentation of complete solution

2. Construction

  • Project group
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Drawing up of schedule
  • Overall layout
  • Review with customer, project meeting
  • Subdesigns and drawing up of necessary background for manufacturing and documentation
  • In-house automation resources for selection of automation solution
  • Electrical planning/programming
  • Risk analysis/safety equipment

3. Production

  • Manufacture
  • Sub-assembly
  • Assembly and electrical installations for test-run units
  • Internal FAT
  • FAT with customer
  • Packing/delivery

4. Installation and commissioning

  • Mechanical onsite assembly
  • Electrical installation
  • Internal test
  • Commissioning and test run
  • Training of customer personnel
  • Test run
  • SAT with customer
  • Production start
  • Documentation

5. Service agreement

  • InterService Basic
  • InterService Optimisation
  • InterService Upgrading
  • InterService training for our products