Delivery to Coca-Cola in Moscow

InterSystems second largest installation of palletizers is at the juice factory Multon in the north of Moscow, owned by Coca-Cola HBC Russia. At this factory, some of the most popular juice brands for the Russian market are produced, such a Dobry and Rich. Here InterSystem installed the first 12 machines in 2004 and currently have 19 palletizers working together in an “inline” setup.
Next week InterSystem will deliver a new ComPact 128L-MAX palletizer and exchanging one of the first machines delivered in 2004. Same compact footprint, but with fresh controls, HMI and including all product development done in the last 14 years. The main reason behind the investment is demand for higher capacity, and with this new machine the result where almost doubled.

Please take a look at the concept of a ComPact MAX palletizer below.