Master thesis at InterSystem

If possible, InterSystem are trying to provide different type of project work for university students. Latest in row we had the privilege to work with the student Jim Hansson who is studying the last year at Luleå Technical University. Jim is studying his last term for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and is now doing his master thesis together with InterSystem.

Jim’s mission was to develop a new type of belt transfer for our light goods handling system. The unit shall transfer goods from a roller conveyor at a 90 ° angle to a connecting conveyor. An existing solution already exists today, but Jim’s mission was to think new and develop a new technical solution. The goal was to find a fully electric product that can compete in price with a pneumatic pusher. The new belt transfer, like other InterSystem products, must be modular built and can be adapted to different conveyor widths and different number of belts. It should also handle loads up to 35kg and handle product size down to 150x150mm.


We asked Jim some questions about the project work.

How is your general feeling about your project?

I think it has been a very fun project that has really suited me as a designer. The nice thing is I have managed to get so far that I have come up with a fully functional prototype so that I can actually see if it works as intended.

Are you satisfied with the result?

I actually followed my original schedule and met the goals I set from the start, so I would say I’m happy with the results. Then there are always some errors that you are not entirely satisfied with, but nothing that has significantly affected on the result of the project.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge in the project has been the step between the virtual model in CAD to manufacture and assemble the physical prototype. It is easy to create a beautiful model virtually, but when you include aspects such as how the parts are to be manufactured and how to assemble them, a simple model in CAD becomes quite advanced.

How did you find InterSystem?

When I was looking for degree work online, I somehow found a job as a designer at InterSystem. I had never heard of InterSystem before but after looking up the company I thought it seemed like an interesting company. I then submitted a spontaneous application which in turn led to this project.


What does your plan look like now that school is over?

In fact, I have already accepted job opportunity here at InterSystem. I got a good impression of InterSystem as a company and they seemed happy with me and the work I done, so it felt quite natural to start my career here.

Martin Samuelsson, supervisor and technical manager at InterSystem,

Jim worked out six different concepts that we evaluated together. A service-friendly, fully electric gear that drives both strap and lifting motion from the same engine became the proposal we wanted to work on.

Although a belt transfer is a common product that is available in many variants, Jim still managed to create a new promising concept with the help of creative thinking. The theoretical calculations were in line with the final result of the prototype and we intend to develop this concept in some form further into a final product.

We are very pleased with Jim’s contribution and as he wrote himself, he has now accepted a position with us. We look forward to continuing to work together and welcome him into our team.