Mills chooses InterSystem in Drammen, Norway

Norwegian Mills AS is growing and expanding their current factory in Drammen. The expansion means that a new warehouse is built, and the current warehouse is converted into production area. In connection to this expansion, the company invests in a system for central palletizing and chooses InterSystem as supplier.


Geir Niemann, maintenance manager at Mills in Drammen,

“It is important to us that there is a dedicated palletizing station for each production line, but with a flexibility to easily change palletizer in relation to total production capacity. It is also important to us that the system is easy to serve and that we can perform normal maintenance ourselves.”


The new system consists of 5 palletizers in an “in-line” arrangement with a common conveyor system for pallet handling. The delivery also includes product conveyors for transporting the products from the respective production line to the central palletizing. The products that are handled are mainly WA boxes but also plastic package with lids that are placed directly on pallets.


Jan Haugen, sales manager for InterSystem in Norway,

“After having supplied 4 palletizers to Mills factory in Fredrikstad, we are very glad that we have gained the trust to also deliver this new system for palletizing to Drammen.”


The new equipment will be installed after the summer of 2021 and has been sold in collaboration with VPK Norway.