ComPact Max

A further development of our basic machine. Continuous turning of the products and dual infeed lanes enable high capacities while retaining space efficiency.

The current trend is for production lines with higher flows and in order to meet these demands we have developed the ComPact Max. High capacity palletizer for handling product flows of between 30–70 products/minute with high requirements for gentle handling of the product. The ComPact Max builds on the experience gained with our basic machine, but we achieve higher capacities through dual infeed lanes, continuous turning unit, and a new infeed unit. The machine is still space-efficient and operator-friendly.




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Arla Foods, Esbjerg

Arla in Esbjerg has been deploying palletizers from InterSystem for a long time. In 2017, it was decided to invest in three additional lines from InterSystem. These machines are equipped with 180 degree product turners, lifting of pallets in load mode, shared loading tables and continuous infeed pushers to meet customer requirements for capacity but also flexibility.

Saudia Arabia

Binzagr CoRo, Jeddah

In 2017, one of our oldest customers, Binzagr CoRo, ordered an additional 2x ComPact Max to handle space-efficient palletizing, approximately 4.7 m2, with a product flow of up to 40 boxes/min.

In total, Binzagr CoRo has 15 lines equipped with palletizing equipment from InterSystem.


Orkla Foods, Örebro

In 2015, Orkla invested in a palletizing line from InterSystem for palletizing cups in trays. The ComPact Max palletizer is equipped with a 90 degree product turner, lifting of pallets in load mode and continuous infeed pusher. Empty and full pallet handling is done via AGV on two levels.


Arla Högelund, Högelund/Vojens

Arla Högelund produces blue cheese and a large proportion is exported. InterSystem has supplied 3x ComPact Max pallets, which are equipped with continuous product turner, lifting of pallet in load mode and continuous infeed pusher. Empty and full pallet handling is done via AGV on two levels.