Several single machines are integrated with a common conveyor system for empty and full pallet handling. This allows standard equipment for pallet marking and stretch film wrapping for multiple product lines. A flexible solution that is easy to expand with additional product lines.

For simultaneous palletizing of multiple product lines, this concept provides high availability as each machine has its own control system and safety area. The result is line-independent palletizing, which allows for the servicing of one machine, while others are in full operation.

With this solution you can have standard equipment for empty and full pallet handling, stretch film wrapping and product marking.





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Oatly, Landskrona

As a producer of oat-based drinks and with previous experience of InterSystem’s palletizing solutions, Oatly has invested in a new 5-pallet palletizing unit.
The unit is based on 5x ComPact 128 LF with common empty pallet system, 3x different pallet types, and full pallet handling as well as stretch film wrapping and pallet marking.

Findus, Bjuv

Findus in Bjuv chose our Inline setup with a ComPact 128 LF to handle independent palletizing on each line and thus high availability.
The system has pallet alignment equipment and optical pallet control.


Lantmännen Unibake, Örebro

In 2013, Lantmännen sought a new supplier of palletizing equipment and the choice fell to InterSystem. The unit is adapted for three different pallet types and consists of 4x ComPact 128 LF and 2x stretch wrappers. All empty and full pallet handling is done on the same side, which allows easy access for the operator and provides a complete solution adapted to the premises.


Nortura, Tönsberg

In 2017, Nortura in Tönsberg took delivery of a complete, new unit that takes care of all palletizing when moving from the return box to the WA box. The unit consists of 4x ComPact 128 LV and a ComPact 128 Multi. In total, we handle products from six production lines.
Stretch film wrapping and pallet marking is an integral part of the system. A fairly extensive transport system with vertical conveyor handles the goods from the packaging machine to palletizing.