Same technical solution as the single machine but with integrated pallet switching system for palletizing two to four product lines in a single machine. A cost effective solution if your production allows for one machine to cover multiple lines.

For lower product flows and multiple lines, a Multi-palletizer can be the right option. This enables you to palletize two to four lines in one machine with a space-efficient and cost effective solution. The system is based on buffering products, equivalent to 1–2 layers of each product, and when products of one type are equivalent to one layer, they are palletized. A pallet handling system ensures correct pallet switching as well as the infeed and outfeed of empty and full pallets.




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Guldfågel, Falkenberg

A ComPact 128 LF and a ComPact 128 Multi that can handle two product flows were the ideal choice for 3-line palletizing in a limited space. The system includes our continuous vertical conveyor that carries the goods up to the transport level to allow better access around the machines.



Apostel, Garbsen

In 2017, Apostle, a manufacturer of yoghurt and tzatziki products, invested in a ComPact 128 Multi. This machine can handle two product flows at the same time and provides a highly space-efficient solution for a reasonable investment. The transport system for incoming products and loaded pallets is built around our own ImPulz50 and ImPulz 80 conveyor system.

Apostle has also invested in a single ComPact 128 LV adapted for palletizing of 3, 5 and 10 L buckets.