Stand-alone machine that usually handles a single product flow. Complete unit, usually consisting of pallet magazine, sheet dispenser, product buffer, load unit and pallet parking for finished pallets.

Proven palletizer for handling a single product flow. Modular design that allows easy adaptation of the equipment to the current layout. Option for high or low product input, manual or automatic pallet handling, different types of product turners depending on the product and capacity requirements, and intermediate sheet equipment. User-based interface where the operator can make adjustments to existing pallet patterns or add new designs directly via the operator panel.






Download layouts (.DWG)




Wernsing, Addrup-Essen

Wernsing processes various types of potato and salad products and has a number of ComPact 128 LV palletizers installed at its production plant in Addrup-Essen. This delivery has an integrated sheet dispenser and fully automated empty pallet/full pallet handling system.


Emmi, Emmen

Emmi AG has invested in 2x ComPact 128 LV. One of the machines is adapted for the palletizing of 3, 10 and 20 L buckets but also 6 × 1 L in trays.



Pågen, Gothenburg

Our first delivery to Pågen consists of a fully automatic ComPact 128 LF palletizer. The palletizer is fitted with 2x pallet magazines to facilitate handling of pallet types. In the machine, 600 x 400 boxes are also palletized with stacking pins.


Kjeldsberg Kaffe, Trondheim

Kjeldberg Kaffe took delivery of 2x ComPact 128 LV with pallet magazine, where a ready pallet is picked up by hand truck. You cannot be more ComPact than that!