Order to Billig-arbejdstøj.dk

With a complete selection of affordable work wear, the Danish e-commerce company Billig-arbejdstøj.dk has taken the Scandinavian market by storm. The company is located in the village of Spjald in western Denmark and was founded in 2009. Since then, Billig-arbejdstøj.dk has experienced strong growth. Now the company is taking the next step and is investing in automation to further increase efficiency and to meet growing demand.

Billig-arbejdstøj.dk has chosen InterSystem as the supplier of a complete conveyor system for internal transport and sorting of packed goods. InterSystem’s equipment will be directly connected to a new Autostore supplied by Element Logic. Here, each package is packed and labelled with a shipping label before the package is placed on InterSystem’s conveyor. The parcels are then transported to the next hall where the barcode on the parcel is scanned and sorted onto a sloping conveyor for manual handling or directly into the correct shipping container. Packages can also be transported further into a room for direct customer collection at the warehouse. The system is designed to handle both bags and boxes.

Installation starts in week 33 and a few weeks later the complete system will be ready for full operation.