Palletizers to Pågen in Gothenburg

As a part of an internal quality project, Swedish bakery Pågen chooses to invest in four new palletizers from InterSystem to their site in Gothenburg. The delivery also consists of a common conveyor system for pallets where three different pallet types are handled. All pallets are automatically checked before use and sent out of the system if they are not okay. The set-up is, as usual, very compact and handles several different types of box formats. The system will be installed in the spring and be ready for full operation in mid-May.


In Gothenburg, Pågen already has a palletizer from InterSystem. This machine was delivered in 2017 and is a stand-alone unit with its own conveyors and pallet magazines.


The family company Pågen has a long tradition in bakery where it all started in Malmö more than 140 years ago. The company currently has about 1,500 employees and is a leading player in the Swedish market.