Palletizing to Cleano Production

The company Cleano Production are located in the small village of Älgarås in Sweden. They specializes in development and production of hygiene and cleaning products and manufactures several of the most well-known products on the Swedish market.

During the autumn, Cleano has built a new warehouse where the production flow from two lines will also be packed, palletised and stretched wrapped. InterSystem got the order to deliver a complete system for End of Line, including control and labeling of trays, palletizing, stretch wrapping and pallet labelling. The customer has a big range of different products, which means that the system must have great flexibility, hence the choice of concept for palletizing.

Stefan Johansson are project manager at Cleano Production.

We chose InterSystem because they have a technical solution where the products are not lifted but always handled from below. In addition, their palletizers are flexible with relatively high capacity, which is important for us in this project. ”

The system was installed before new year and is now ready for many years of reliable service