Undriven Roller Conveyor Bend IRKO 50

Undriven roller conveyor bend Type IRKO 50 is intended for transport of unit loads such as boxes, trays, tote bins, etc.

Undriven roller conveyor bend, conical rollers.

Max. load
100kg / 90°


Material/TypeFinishOrder separately
Frame profileAluminiumAnodized
Roller Type SSK 50Steel/PlasticZinc-plated
Support stand Type ITBG 50Steel/AluminiumZinc-plated/Anod.X
Support stand placementNo. of support stands/m: See diagram
Side guide holder Type 50Steel/AluminiumZinc-plated/Anod.X

Technical data

Roller lengthEL320, 420, 520 and 620 mm
Roller diameterDConical design. Min. 50mm
Roller pitchT67 mm
Sector of a circle45° / 90°



How to order:

IRKO 50 - 320 – 45
Type - EL – V°