Undriven Roller Conveyor IROS 50

Undriven roller conveyor Type IROS 50 is intended for transport of unit loads such as boxes, trays, tote bins, etc.

Max. load
50kg/unit and 100kg/m. Depends on roller/support stand pitch.


Material/TypeFinishOrder separately
Frame profileAluminiumAnodized
Roller Type SRO 50SteelZinc-plated
Support Stand Type ITBG 50Steel/AluminiumZinc-plated/Anod.X
Support Stand PlacementNo. of support stands/m: See diagram
Side Guide Holder Type 50AluminiumAnodizedX

Technical data

Roller lengthEL320, 420, 520, and 620 mm
Roller diameterD50 mm
Roller pitchT75, 100, 200 and 300mm
Total lengthTL600 - 12000 with 100mm increments



How to order:

IROS 50 - 100 – 320 - 1000
Type - T – EL - TL