Several new palletizers to Arla Foods in Denmark

After summer 2018, InterSystem will deliver another two palletizers to Arla Foods in Denmark. The first delivery is to Rödkærsbro diary and is containing one palletizer ComPact 121L, for palletizing on either euro or industrial pallet. The machine can apply in-between sheets both from roller and from sheet magazine. After palletizing, the pallet is stretch wrapped, a barcode-label is applied on all four sides before the pallets are stacked two and two on top of each other.
InterSystem will also deliver a palletizer ComPact 128L-Multi to Slagelse dairy. This compact machine palletize from two separate production lines at the same time, which make this a good alternative if the production lines produces about one layer with products every minute. Also in this case the pallet is wrapped after palletizing.
During the last year, InterSystem has also supplied four new palletizers to Arla Foods diary in Esbjerg, where the latest delivery contains a ComPact 121L-MAX with a capacity of 43 trays per minute.
All deliveries to Arla Foods in Denmark is made in cooperation with InterSystems partner Nikodan Conveyor AS.